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Michelle Buller

Organizer - Half Marathon

As organizer and half marathon coach, I’m heading towards my fifth year of running with USA FIT RIO. I began in 2011, with the goal of being able to finish a 5K without the thoughts that plague most beginners, like: “I’m not going to make it” or “I should quit”, and over the span of a few short years I have grown from runner to organizer. I can now proudly say that I have met goals I never imagined possible, and have completed not only 5Ks, but 10Ks too!How did I do it? With the encouragement and training of my coaches and fellow USA Fit Rio runners! I’m not the fastest runner, but I have a passion for running, health, fitness, and I still have a goal to start, finish and participate in several more half marathons. Aside from being organizer, I’m currently TRX level 1 certified, and I absolutely LOVE my run group – I consider them family. I love seeing the faces of excitement and hearing the stories from people in our group when they have reached a distance or speed they’ve been working toward. Nothing is impossible when you try. Let’s cross that finish line!